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Inna Dolgopolskaya

For the past 10 years Inna has attended the clinical seminars of Dr. Jos Isaac in Kerala (India) and actively participated in them as a translator. This invaluable experience gave her the opportunity to systematically and holistically learn the features of the clinical approach in homeopathy and apply it in her practice. Also, Inna Dolgopolskaya is a lecturer and clinic instructor at the Ontarian College of Homeopathic Medicine and conducts seminars on the clinical method among practicing homeopaths. In her lectures and webinars, Inna focuses on the key differences of the approach of clinical homeopathy, the important aspects of which are clarity, concreteness, clarity in the process of recognizing body language and focusing on the main vivid signs and symptoms of the disease; highlights the fundamental principles of taking anamnesis and prescribing a drug from the standpoint of classical clinical homeopathy. “The key symptoms are grains of gold. Like everything of value, they are few and far between. " In the clinical approach, it is these grains that are the components of understanding the essence of the drug as a whole, suitable for this particular case here and now. The essence of the main topic of the webinar "Fundamental principles of clinical homeopathy" is revealed by the thematic subsections: clinical approach in the context of the history of homeopathy; principles of prescribing for acute diseases with examples of treatment for acute respiratory conditions in 2020; drug interactions and sequences in clinical practice.